Travel to El Nido in Palawan, Philippines

After graduating from Cebu Language School, I went to El Nido, Palawan for 4 days and 3 nights. Palawan seems to be called “the last unexplored area in the Philippines” and is a popular area for foreigners and Filipinos alike.

El Nido has a very laid-back atmosphere compared to Cebu. I have the impression that there are many Western tourists seeking nature. When diving, I was fascinated by the mysterious scenery I saw on the way to the dive spots.

AirSWIFT Airlines

From Cebu Airport to El Nido Airport by Air Swift. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes each way.

Upon arrival in El Nido, we took a tricycle to El Nido Town (about 20 minutes). As shown in the picture, the fare was fixed *300 pesos as of June 2023.

The hotel I used this time was “South Anchorage Inn“. It was comfortable and I would stay there again next time I come back.

The beach is a 3-minute walk from the hotel. Diving also started from here.

Night in El Nido Town. Souvenir shops and restaurants came alive.

The best food on this trip to El Nido was Thai food. I don’t remember it being this good.

I also rented a scooter and visited several other beaches besides El Nido Town, but if you want to spend more time, it would be better to base your trip outside of El Nido Town. I’ll just post a few pictures at the end.

These are Maremegmeg Beach (Las Cabanas Beach). The beach is located about 6 km south of El Nido Town. The zip line looks fun too.

Memories of El Nido in Palawan #2

I went to Rio Beach at dusk. It’s 5 minutes away from the airport. It is a beautiful, wide beach, so I thought it was perfect for relaxing.

Memories of El Nido in Palawan #3

I would love to come back to El Nido.

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