Consultation services for earthquake damage for foreign visitors and residents in Japan

It is now the year 2024, and we are still reeling from the Noto Peninsula earthquake on New Year’s Day and the Haneda Airport accident the next day. Since language is a bottleneck and you may not be able to seek rescue or keep up to date with the latest information, I note a few sites that may be useful.


This is the international service of NHK, Japan’s public media. It provides multilingual information to the world through television, radio and the Internet.

Helpful Apps and Websites in the Event of Disaster

Leaflet introducing useful apps and websites in multiple languages for use in times of disaster. Prepared by the Cabinet Office. You can select your language from the bottom of the page.

Ishikawa Living Support Center

Foreign Language Consultation in Ishikawa

Tokyo Fire Department Multilingual Page

The Tokyo Fire Department has published on its website a disaster prevention handbook for foreigners on how to respond to emergency calls regarding earthquakes, fires, and emergencies.

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