The 2023 Kawagoe Festival will be held on October 14th and 15th

The Kawagoe Festival, the biggest festival in Kawagoe, where I live, is on October 14 and 15. I joined for the first time last year and had a great time, so if you have a chance, please go.

Kawagoe Festival

*The above image is from the official website

About / History *cited from the official website

Kawagoe Festival (Kawagoe Hikawa Festival Float Event) takes root in the “Reitaisai” festival held at Hikawa Shrine on October 14, and is also consisted of the “Jinkosai” festival and “Float Event (festival)” that are held immediately afterward.

Festival Floats *cited from the official website

The structure of the festival floats has developed in the Edo style consisting in having 2 stories floats and a doll.

2 stories floats (Andon) are constructed on a 4 or 3-wheeled base, and the doll and protruding part of the upper storey are each constructed on a trapdoor-style elevator. Originally, this was a device to allow these parts to retract when passing through castle gates.

Number of visitors

The number of visitors to last year’s 2022 Kawagoe Festival, the first in three years, was 574,000, the festival announced. Below is a video from last year’s event (subtitles are in Japanese)

I hope to make time to look around again this year.

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